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Thank you for your interest, here’s a little extra information about me!

I’m Nicole, a Professional Photographer & Videographer based in the West Midlands.

I am a village girl at heart, my passion, and love for traveling to new places, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people fuels my desire to work as a Photographer and Videographer. Although I am based in the UK I am always open to travel anywhere!

Since I was young I was always interested in creating visual stories, the first video I created was when I was just 12 years old. My love for photography led me to pursue it in my work experience when I was 14. On my journey of studying business for 6 years, I was motivated to record my trips and memories so I could relive the emotions and memories whenever I wanted. So I bought myself a GoPro and began vlogging and filming my holidays to post on my social media accounts. A driving force to what brought me to this place was my decision to film my sister’s wedding, upon sharing the memories and moments with those who could not attend the wedding I felt a sense of fulfilment and joy. Since then I pursued my professional career in photography and videography!

With my history in studying business, I had discovered an interest in marketing, and thankfully with that knowledge, I was able to start and build my own business. My dream to work with other companies was fulfilled when I was signed to work exclusively with McDonald’s in Canada since then I have continued to increase my portfolio and worked with many other companies.

I treat my job as a great privilege, it allows me to travel and do what I want, what I’m interested in. My clients are also of great importance to me, being the focal point of my business and passion I value their feedback and work to hone my skills to offer the best services to them. To me photos and videos hold a very special place in my heart, their ability to encapsulate every emotion and maintain memories for decades portrays a sentiment I cannot explain. As we grow, move on and experience new things and make new memories, we tend to forget old ones, but with photographs, we can make those memories eternal. The immortalized memories in the form of photographs can act as proof of existence and love, you can reminisce when you have children, you can be remembered. You can look back on our most monumental days and relive them to the best of your ability!

My ultimate goal is to continue pursuing my career in photography and keep doing what I love. Making people happy and bringing joy to their lives with my work and pictures is nothing less than rewarding. The satisfaction of capturing someone’s unforgettable memory and special moment that will last them a lifetime is even more rewarding. Witnessing and being part of my client’s journey whilst they are part of mine hold great importance to me. I see my photography career as a loving and caring experience, to not just create images and videos but to create moments and stories. I hope to always challenge myself and take risks, to operate outside of my comfort zone. Hoping to continue for as long as I can whilst meeting new and amazing people.